Adi Vasulevu

Adi Vasulevu’s journey is one woven with vibrant threads of resilience, diversity, and an unyielding commitment in the work of peacebuilding through a myriad of lenses. Her life’s work has been a testament to embracing challenges, questioning norms, and nurturing equitable change within her country and region.

Adi Vasu’s actions are rooted in recognizing the world’s complexity, symbolized by different lenses that represent diverse perspectives. Through these and conflict-prevention lenses, guided her actions, driving resilience and strength as a woman. Within the Women, Peace, and Security (WPS) framework, Adivasu emphasizes partnerships and shared goals across diversities, illustrating the beauty of our multifaceted world.

Adivasu sparks vital discourse on gender justice within the context of WPS.
She values indigenous knowledge, raises crucial questions about traditional practices of patriarchal structure and hierarchies, probing inclusivity in the hierarchy, mobilizes interventions that cover no tolerance to violent practices, negative power and violent structures using adaptive-peace for gender equality, and promote consultative approaches to achieve Just’Peace and good governance.

Her inquiries challenge norms, aiming to forge peace pathways towards a more equitable world. Adivasu champions a holistic approach to address the complexities of peace, weaving together diverse sectors and engages multi-stakeholder processes, towards building broad-based approaches to peacebuilding. She underlines the importance of considering traditional norms, development trajectories, and critical issues like climate security and environmental justice. With a vision of Just’Peace, Adivasu urges a Vanua-centered approach to reconcile our actions, as a people, our land and resources, with the environment that is interconnected and inseparable for a peaceful society.

Adivasu’s wisdom resonates in her belief in constant and participative learning, sharing of information’s, dialogue, and collaborations. She underscores the value of active engagement, reflection, and knowledge sharing, recognizing that understanding and progress emerge from sustained exploration. Adivasu’s journey is a reminder that the tapestry of peace is continually woven through ongoing observations and collective exploration.