Bedi Racule

Bedi Racule’s journey is one of resilience, empowerment, and unyielding advocacy against multiple layers of challenges. From her diaspora upbringing to her current role in the Pacific Conference of Churches (PCC), she has navigated personal trials to become a powerful voice for justice, equality, and change.

Growing up as part of the Micronesian diaspora in Hawaii, Bedi faced the harsh realities of racism, discrimination, and gender-based violence. These experiences were magnified by societal issues, norms, and health disparities. Despite these challenges, she emerged as a beacon of empowerment, committed to reshaping her community’s narrative.

Bedi’s journey began with advocacy and peer education during her school years. Participating in relationship programs provided her with vital insights into healthy dynamics, serving as a guiding light in a landscape often lacking positive examples.Her journey led her from corporate life to Fiji, where her work in the nuclear justice arena was fueled by her experiences. Bedi’s growth was nurtured by a community of strong women who empowered and uplifted each other. Seeing fellow young women engaged in similar work validated her aspirations and reinforced her belief in transformative change.

Currently at the PCC, Bedi’s role extends to supporting nuclear-affected communities, collaborating on ocean campaigns, and contributing to climate relocation efforts. Drawing from her diaspora background, she champions the power of shared knowledge in overcoming common obstacles. Her own youth projects embody community values, representation, storytelling, and consultation. Faith, an essential part of her journey, offers strength and inspiration.

Balancing various roles — employee, activist, advocate, mother, and church member — is no easy feat. However, a supportive community that comprehends her multiplicity and appreciates her diverse roles enhances her effectiveness as a woman leader. Bedi is vocal about her concerns regarding the lack of awareness surrounding critical issues, particularly the ongoing nuclear order in the Marshall Islands. She passionately addresses inaction by policymakers and leaders on challenges that intersect with broader concerns such as colonialism, racism, militarism, and environmental stewardship.

Bedi’s journey is one of relentless advocacy and empowerment. Her story is an embodiment of resilience, as she fearlessly challenges the status quo and champions justice and equity for her community, the Pacific, and beyond.