Frances Namoumou

Frances Namoumou’s remarkable journey unfolds across global, regional, and national landscapes, embodying a passionate commitment to the Pacific Conference of Churches (PCC) and its transformative mission.

At the heart of her journey lies a deep commitment to regional challenges. Within the realm of climate security and the displacement of communities, Frances’s efforts within PCC take tangible form through projects like “Breaking Waves” in Bougainville. This initiative orchestrates the relocation of the first community afflicted by climate change, underlining Frances’s dedication to climate justice. Empowering both women and men, Frances advances women’s agenda projects, fostering safer havens within Pacific communities. Her visionary approach draws wisdom from the independence trajectories of fellow Pacific Island nations, lending unwavering support to the aspirations of West Papua’s self-determination.

Frances’s impact resonates at the national level through collaborative endeavors with PCC member churches. Diverse issues, from climate security to labor mobility, disaster risk reduction, and youth engagement, find a dedicated advocate in her. Envisioning a reimagined theological framework, she redefines women’s roles and molds a theology that resonates across various cultural contexts. Rooted in a holistic approach, Frances’s vision incorporates economic, cultural, and spiritual facets, manifesting a profound commitment to regional development. “I see my journey within the framework of WPS as a convergence of identities – indigenous youth, Methodist faith. It’s about harmonizing tradition with faith, translating belief into action. In contemplating my path, I often ask: What would Jesus do in these complex scenarios? This encapsulates my WPS narrative.”

Through a dynamic partnership with the World Council of Churches (WCC), Frances leverages the expansive platform to nurture collaborative relationships on a global scale. Bridging the gap between WPS and PCC’s mission, Frances envisions sub-regional groups as conduits for raising awareness and fostering connections across diverse church clusters.

Frances’s narrative is one of faith, culture, and empowerment, weaving a tapestry of change across the Pacific and beyond. As a beacon of hope and catalyst for transformation, her legacy endures as a testament to the remarkable power of advocacy and unwavering dedication.