Veena Singh

Veena Singh is a Fiji Islander hailing from a small rural town in Fiji. With a diverse heritage as the daughter of an Indigenous Fijian and a Fiji Islander of Indian descent, Veena embraces her mixed ethnicity and its rich cultural tapestry.

As a feminist activist, she is a dedicated advocate for “shifting powers to create positive sustainable change”. She believes in the transformative potential of “building an economy of kindness” and bringing conversations from margin to centre.

Veena’s early engagement with Non-Governmental Organisations reflects her passion for policy influence and the protection of human rights especially women’s and children’s rights. Veena’s preference for working behind the scenes as an introvert has not hindered her impact. Her ability to provide vital information, data, analysis, and insights, emphasizing gender and contextual factors in gender analysis, contributes to a more holistic approach to storytelling. Through effective communication and collaboration, she furthers her mission of creating a more equitable, just, and peaceful world.

Veena’s feminism emanates from a deep wellspring of love, kindness, and a fervent desire to break cycles of violence and instability. Veena’s feminism finds its foundation in values of peace, equity, and a commitment to avoid perpetuating harm. Her introspective nature prompts her to question the broader impact of her actions and how they contribute to the greater good.