Adivasu Levu

Executive Director of Transcend Oceania GPPAC Pacific Regional Representative – Regional Secretariat
Adi Vasu is leading the work of Transcend Oceania (TO) a Peacebuilding NGO working for Justpeace and Development, since December 2017. She is a co-founder of Transcend Oceania towards its establishment in 2014 and a co-founder of the NGO – The Pacific Center for Peacebuilding established in 2007. She has worked as a facilitator and practitioner in Peace Education| Community mediation for Intervention, Prevention and Sustainable Development| Peacebuilding work for over 15 years, with networking engagements and partnership work experiences in the region – Solomon Island, Vanuatu, PNG – Bougainville, Tonga, Samoa and Fiji. Moreover, her work experiences include Early Action, Early Warning for Disaster Preparedness, Prevention, Response and Restorative justice processes and facilitations of Psycho services Integrated Community Trauma Healing working within the Protection Safety / Dignity cluster.